• Season 7

sneak peek: chelsea’s not so hidden talent

Chelsea, what are you eating!? Watch many more “unseen moments” during Monday’s #TeenMom2 special at 9/8c!

06/20/2016 · 1:22

- There are a lot of wordsI can use

to describe Chelsea--stylish, hilarious, classy.

Wait, did I say classy?

I meant gassy.

- [burps]

They've never putone of my burps on TV,

and I've had some pretty--

- You've had some good burps.

You're a good burper.

- [burping]

- Ugh.

- Sorry.




Excuse me.


- [giggles]

- [burping]

Oh, my God,that felt amazing.

- [burps]

- Did you just burp?

- Yeah!

- [burps]

[burping] Oh, my God.

- Wow!

- End scene.



- Chelsea, is thisyour proudest moment?

- Yes!