• Season 6, Ep 5

sneak peek: are maci and taylor putting too much on their plates?

Maci and Taylor talk about moving into a new house in the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c!

09/06/2016 · 1:29

Dinner without children'sreally quiet.

- Get to eata hot meal for once.

- I know.

I'm glad my mom was ableto take the kids for the night.

- What kind of rollsyou getting?

- I'm just gonna geta California roll.

- Get you the Ho Ho roll.

- Stop.[both laugh]

How long do we have beforethis little [bleep] gets here?

- 13 weeks.We need more room.

We need a bigger house.

- We do need more room.

- So what about that housethat we found online?

- I like it.

- It's got a little bit of land.

- Well, I want to get somewhereand get settled.

Like, you know howwe were rushing

to get into the housewe're in now?

So, like, literally thereare still things

that have not been unpackedsince we moved in.

Like, there are boxesin my closet

that are still closed

because we haven't had time.

It has been impossible.

- So do you guyshave a time frame?

Like, you're not seriouslytrying to move into a new house

before the baby comes, are you?

- I think we should.

- I don't want to feel rushed,because our house is fine.

- I don't want to let youdraw this thing out

- I want to be organized.

I don't want to move and becovered in all the [bleep]

that we haveat our house right now.