• Season 5, Ep 3

sneak peek: a total fake?

Leuh has been chatting with Justin for over two years and is beginning to wonder if he's a real person.

03/02/2016 ยท 3:02

>> We made it to Rochester.

>> Look at this neighborhood.

It's so charming.

I love it here.

Oh. That her?

>> Oh, my God.

>> Hi.

>> Hey, Leuh.


>> VIP parking.

>> Hi! It's so nice to finally

meet you.

>> Oh, my God, you're right

here...I thought you were gonna

be waiting on the veranda.

>> We're here.

We're finally here.

>> Come on in.

>> Look at this.

Look how cute she is.

>> Oh, my God.

"Welcome, 'Catfish.'"

Well, let's sit down.

>> Okay.

>> And hang out a little bit.

I see you've got some art

on your body.

>> I do.

>> With more on the way.

>> Yep.

>> Cool.

>> I got to color it in still.

>> You doing full sleeves?

>> I'm gonna try to, yeah.

>> Wait, are you partly inspired

to get tattoos

because he has tattoos?

>> I mean, he has a ton,

so, yeah.

>> Oh.

>> I want to be like his type.

You know what I mean?

>> Ooh.

>> Yeah.

>> So, explain how you met him.

>> He just commented

on one of my pictures just,

like, out of the blue one day

telling me I looked good.

So I checked out his page.

I was like, "Wow,

you're really cute.

I got to DM you."

I was like, "Yeah.

Here's my number."

Like, "You should definitely

text me sometime."

>> And you have talked

on the phone, right?

>> Yeah.

>> Does he have other social

media accounts?

Did you friend him on Facebook

or do you follow him on Twitter

or, like, you guys Snapchat?

>> Well, Facebook is,

like, where I have, like,

my grandma and stuff.

So I keep that to my family.

I don't really, like, add people

from other social media.

So I never asked him, really.

Just kept it on Instagram.

>> And do you know anything

about, like, his friends?

>> Yeah.

His, like, best friend

is this kid, Todd.

>> Todd what?

>> I don't know his last name.

>> But you feel very confident

Justin's legit?

>> [sighs]

For the most part.

But my friends and my mom

are, like, super-skeptical,

and they're like, "Leuh, you're

just making a huge mistake.

You're gonna

get your heart broken."

But I don't like to see it

like that, because I want to

believe that the person I'm in

love with is who they say they

are--you know what I mean?

>> Can we see him?

>> Yeah.

>> Okay, so this is your

Instagram account?

>> Yeah.

>> So let's go to his page.

>> [gasps]

>> No posts.

>> He blocked me.

>> He did block you.

>> I just looked at his page


He just texted me

and sent me a heart.

Like, why?

>> That's really weird.

Did something happen?

>> No.

>> Did he know that we were

coming to make the show?

>> I didn't tell him.

I told him that I emailed

you guys, and that's the last

thing I said to him.

>> Well, that's weird.

>> Maybe he started following

Nev or myself on social media

and saw that we were

in Rochester.

>> Whew...

Well, look.

You need to give us whatever

information you do have.

Phone numbers, email,

friends' names.

We'll get to the bottom of this.

>> Okay.

Thank you so much.

>> We're on the case.

>> Drive safe.

>> Oh, man.

She's getting those tattoos

all over her arm--

>> Right.

>> In preparation to meet him.

>> Yeah.

>> She just doesn't quite fully

understand that he could

be a total fake.

>> This is gonna be bad.