It Gets Better Campaign

06/06/2016 ยท 0:42

- I really loved MTV's"It Gets Better."

- I want to tell youthat you're not alone.

- I had a lot of shameabout being different.

- I hated high school.High school [bleep] sucked.

- I was picked on because,you know, I liked musicals,

and I was obviously gay.

- To see a viral campaignpromoted and covered on MTV

was really meaningful.

- Every time I read about a bullied gay kid

committing suicide, I would think,

"God, I wish I could have talked to that kid

for five minutes and been able to tell them

that it gets better."

What started as one video

quickly grew to 40,000 videos.

- And every day it gets better.

- It helped me getinto LGBT activism

because I felt like one personcan make a difference.