• Season 28, Ep 9

sneak peek: Wes and Politics

Wes tries to form an alliance to go up against Bananas and Vince.

06/22/2016 · 0:41

sit by and just let it happen.

We just need to make surethat everyone understands.

If we don't get ridof one of 'em,

no one stands a shot at winning.- Stands a chance, period.

If it was up to me,I'm putting in Bananas and Vince

every [bleep] time,whether I won last week

or the week before that.

Bananas and Sarah,Vince and Jenna,

are two teams you don't wantto see in a final.

The only wayto disrupt that from happening

is to put themin every single time,

hoping one Junglethey mess up.

- We need to all geton the same page

and make surethat the rest of the people

understand that too.- Who cares?

- I can see why he wantsto get rid of you.

- Yeah.I'm here to win.

[percussive techno music]