• Season 8, Ep 6

sneak peek: Michael Blackson throws down

Michael Blackson pulls no punches in this wildstyle.

09/05/2016 ยท 0:47

- DJ D-Wrek,cut the beat.

[air horn][cheers and applause]

Michael Blackson.

You so dark, it look likesomebody threw some fire at you.

Ya hair so nappy,I know when you comb it,

it sound like firecrackers.[bell chimes]

- Shut up.Everybody, shut up.


Look at this short [bleep].[laughter]

You are shorter than my scenein the movie "Next Friday."

[laughter][bell chimes]

Come here, mother sucker.- I'm on your ass.

- You look like a thugand a nerd.

[laughter]You gonna rob me

or e-mail me,mother[bleep]?

[laughter][bell chimes]

Look at this [bleep].

He look like Future's past.