• Season 3, Ep 7

sneak peek: camp kichi-wawa

Karma and Amy reunite with an old friend, but Karma is completely happy about it.

04/19/2016 ยท 1:09

- Camp Kichi-Wawa had everything:

the s'mores, the lake.

Don't forget bunk five!

We were The Three Amigas.

OMG, we ruled.

- Look at us now, back togetherand better than ever!

Maybe there is hopefor One Direction.

- How lucky are we thather dad transferred here?

- So, so, so lucky.

- You guys, stop.

I'm the lucky one.

- Aww.

- Seriously, what'sthe drug scene like here?

I've been dyingto try bath salts.

You guys in?

- Karma, she's kidding!

- Sabrina,I forgot all about

your great sense of humor.

Well, as fun as this tripdown memory lane has been,

I have to go,

'cause Shane and I are holdingauditions for our band.

'Cause I'm in a band.

- Good for you, Karm,

living out yourTaylor Swift dreams.

Amy and I will spendtime catching up.

- I guess I can bea little late.

- Karma, no, don't worry.

Sabrina lives here now,so you will have plenty

of one-on-one timewith her too.

- That's exactlywhat I wanted!

[upbeat music]