• Season 2, Ep 12


If these contestants can correctly spell Jake’s last name, they win $200…and their freedom.

01/14/2016 · 1:57


Being a Gyllenhaalain't easy.That's right.

All these millions of dollarsand all these awards

don't mean jack (bleep)

if can't nobodyspell your last name.

It's time to demandsome respect.



They're gonnalearn today.

Hey, come lock this upreal quick, sis.

What the hell is--

What are youlocking us in for?

What's with the lock?

All right, I'll tell youwhat you need to do.

You guys got tostay locked up

until you, as a group,

can figure out how tospell the name Gyllenhaal.

And when you do,we'll let you out

and give you $200.

You better put y'allheads together.

Well, you got a Jyllenhaalwith a J, with a J.

No, it's with a G.



No, no, L-L--G-Y--G-Y...

Gyn-- Gynenhaal?

You have to worktogether.



(imitating buzzer)Wrong.Wrong.

I feel likeyou should know this.


It's a definite "G".


No, it's not--It's not U-Haul.

We're not a movercompany, sir.

(woman)This is not fun anymore.

I want to get out of here.

I've been nominated forAcademy Awards, damn it.

You should know howto spell my last name.

Let's do that.Let's go with that.

What's the-- What?Sing it to me.What's going on?

What do we got?G-Y-L-L...

Right. Two L's.




You did it!

That's what I'mtalking about, yeah.

Great, now spellSarsgaard.