• Season 7, Ep 4

sneak peek: chelsea and cole take a big step

Chelsea and Cole try to make a big purchase (and hint at their wedding plans) in the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Sunday at 6:30pm before the MTV Movie Awards.

04/04/2016 · 1:31

How are you?- Oh, just fabulous.

- What's up?- Hey, Coley.

- Hi, how are you?

- So guess twat?- Twat?

Tell me the news.

- We put an offeron a house.

For me?- Yes.

- Are you jumpingout of your pants?

- No, I [bleep] mine.- [laughs]

- Do we have any photos?

- I've got them all.- Okay.

- I love how you haveyour arm around me

like we're, like, telling hersome serious news.

There a lot of trees.- Whoa, that one's cute, though.

- Okay, I literally thought,when I bought this house,

I was like "Okay, I'm nevergonna move again,

for a long time."

- And now you're ready?- But I said,

"Unless I find, like,exactly what I want."

But we have--hopefullythey accept our offer.

- Well, yeah.

Already beenjust making plans.

Like it's already ours.

- This is serious.- I'm scared.

- Sure about this?- Stop!

- I'm just kidding.- I have anxiety.

- About to gocrazy out there.

- Does Aubree--does she, like,see anything about it?

- Well, we're notgonna tell her

until it movesinto the next steps.

But we're buyinga house together.

I feel like that's a big step.- That's a huge step.

- There's three bedroomsupstairs and a huge bathroom.

So just put allthe kids upstairs.

- All of them?- All of them.

- Have a weddingin the backyard.

- Yeah.