• Season 1, Ep 5

sneak peek: Investigating Michael's Confession

Ryan and Eva take a look at the questionable parts of Michael's confession.


(Eva)So, it's likezero to 60.

How does this young kid.

He goes from being a witnessto being a suspect like that.

Yeah.You know, he's put in thatpolice car immediately, right?

How does that happen?

The way that Curt Davisdescribes it is

this kid isn't showingthe appropriate emotion.

He's not askingthe right questions.

He's asking whogets my mother's truck?

Can-- will they be able to tellif her throat was slit?

Um, who's gonna payfor the autopsy?

Yeah, you know, those are weird,you could say.

But the, you know, grand sum ofthese kind of strange statements

doesn't reallyamount to, you know,

a convincing argumentof his guilt.

It's really the third statement

that people call a confession.

And accordingto these three people,

he makes a statement saying,

"I haven't cared about anything

since December 5when I killed my mother."

(Ryan)Michael has alwaysmaintained that he said,

"That's when they killed my mom."

A 14-year-old kid

having experiencedthis traumatic event,

wakes up, finds his motheron fire, and then

to be interrogatedfor two days and then arrested

and put into an institutionaway from everyone,

I mean, he's going crazy.

How can you not go crazy?

This confession hingeson this one letter...

I.Yeah, I, he, they...

Is that, is thatwhat Michael said?

We're talkingabout one word.Definitely.

If he did say this,I or he or they

or anything like that,

where's the follow-upto this confession?

Right.There's nothing.You know, he doesn't--

he's not able to tell them

more about the crime,relevant details that I think

an investigator wouldwant to get at this point

in order to confirm that,you know, this impressionable

suicidal 14-year-old is tellingthe truth at this point.

That's... so troubling.Yeah.

So troubling.