• Season 6, Ep 12

sneak peek: Farrah's Furniture Truck

Farrah's new truck arrives, but she has some issues going the details of truck driving with her mom. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

10/25/2016 · 1:25

[phone ringing]

♪ And pretend that it's okay

- Hey, Mom, what's going on?

- Hey.

- Awesome, I'm pulling upright now to see the truck, yay!

- All right, I'll be right there, bye.

- Okay, buh-bye.

Aw, my first littlefurniture truck.

It's kind of cute.

Cool, like, this is a truck.

I don't know how to driveor work a truck.

Is this where you, like,fill it up with gas?

- This unlocks it.- Hey, Mom?

- This puts it down.- It's not that.

It's not that. It's--

this has to actually beall the way out

and come all the way up to this

so you're not fightinggoing over it.

- It will, yeah.

- Okay, genius [bleep] face.

Oh, my God.

- Why are you talking like that?

- Don't act likeI'm [bleep] stupid

when I'm asking a question

when you're not even ableto show me.

- Well, you weren't very clear.I'm able to show you.

I'm not able to lift it.It's too heavy.

- Okay.- All right, now come over here.

- [bleep] annoying people.

- That's the park brake,and it's on.

- I don't--you know,just you talking to me...

- Listen to me. I'm tryingto tell you something.

- Dumbs my [bleep] brain.

God bless America.

All right, I'm gonna drive you

over to see the furniture store

so I can test drive this.

Thank God for everything I have.

- You're very blessed.

- I'm growing a company.It's, like, real.

It's so amazing that I was,like, blessed with a brain.