• Season 2, Ep 1

sneak peek: milk dick

How does a night out in Vegas end up with Steelo Brim’s d*ck in a glass of milk? Find out on the double episode season 2 premiere of Greatest Party Story Ever on Thursday, Dec. 1st at 11pm EST.

11/24/2016 · 3:54

>> MAN: Hey, did everybody

welcome Steelo yet?

>> MAN: What up, Steelo?

>> Hey, everybody, hey.

You know we're at the hottest

spot in Vegas.

It was crazy, obviously.

There's a lot of video music,


You know people just doing four

on the floor, moving kinda like


That's how everybody dances in


It was extra crazy that night.

Everyone's getting drunk, shots

after shots, after shots.

I didn't eat a lot that night.

I ate a salad.

So if you can imagine Cognac

just hitting kale, and Tequila

just hitting a tomato, like it

is not gonna hold it.

We had a guy that walked passed

us as we walked out of the club.

He thought these two girls were

with us, and he said, "Can I

holler at them?"

"I don't care, bro, do your


And he said,

"Yeah, I thought so."

Now I don't know why I thought--

took that as being very


But it's probably 'cause I was

drinking [bleep] and when you

drink [bleep], you turn into


So I told my brother, "Hey, can

"you turn around real quick and

punch that guy in the face?"

Frank turned around, doesn't

ask me any questions.

Boom, right in the kisser.

But my boy who was always in

Vegas is like, "Hey, man."


I did that just for you.

"Hey, man, in Vegas, you only

"have two minutes to get the

hell outta here."

I didn't really believe him in

the beginning.

But then as soon as the security

came around the corner, he's

like, "Told you."

So we bounced, boom, start

running real fast.

We split up though.

I'm gone.

I mean as--as fast as I can go

in my tight-ass jeans.

I had on these real tight Saint

Laurent though, they're pretty


And I'm trying to run, but I

started running sideways,

galloping kinda.

And there's just security guards

coming out every--in every


Like, you know, they all look


It was the same people.

I ain't being racist, it was the

same security guard left and


It was like--I'm like, "How the

"[bleep] you work for this hotel

and this hotel?"

You know there's always that one

security guard that wants to

abuse his--his power a little


He came over with his hand on

the pepper spray, as if he was

the quick draw Mc--quick draw


Like he was ready to just let

loose with the pepper spray.

"Look here, we--we don't want


Just, just come with us.

I'm like, "No, man."

He sprayed his pepper spray like

this all loose like he didn't

want it to get in his eyes.

And he ended up spraying four of

his partners.

My hand goes up and then my next

reaction was to run the hell

outta there.

And I'm just running until I

started hearing the boys.


And it's my brother, it's Frank.

"Get your ass in this cab right


We get to the hotel room, and

we're both just going insane.

Like you ever seen "Boys In The

Hood" where Cuba Gooding

Jr. starts swinging at the air

for no reason?

That's me, I'm like what the


Just--and naturally,

I don't know why or how,

but I wipe my eye.

One of these.

There was mace on my hand.

It hits me instantly.

It starts to burns the [bleep]

out of my eye.

Naturally, the only thing I can

think of is to jump in the


So I grab a towel with the same

mace hand, like an idiot.

I gradually make it down to my


It's weird 'cause I didn't clean

under my armpits, or my

shoulders or anything, I just

cleaned my dick.

So my dick starts burning like


Like horribly.

"Frank, Frank, my dick's

"burning, my eyes burning.

I'm gonna die like this."

Frank's like, "Dude, you need


So Frank calls down to room


They give me a--a--a cup,

a gla--a glass not that

much bigger than this.

I take it, run in the bathroom

and just dip my dick in this


>> [moans]

>> This milk felt like heaven

wrapped around my dick.

Look, I'm not trying to tell you

to take a--a milk bath.

But if you took a milk bath, it

might feel amazing.