• Season 2, Ep 11

sneak peek: Cut Ching

The broke-ass hair stylists pay people to cut their hair. Worth it?

01/06/2016 · 2:43

All right, we're givingaway free haircuts!

Free haircuts.A reverse mohawk.

Reverse mohawk.Want an armpit clean?

Armpit clean.You want a shaved leg.

We will pay you.Pay you.

Ladies, we gota special on bikini wax.


Look at the shaggy hair.You want a reverse mohawk?

A what?A reverse mohawk.

A reverse-- what?Stand over here.

(all talking)

A reverse mohawk?

You got a beautifulhead of hair.Thank you.

What if I could puta nice reverse mohawk

through itfor a $100?

I don't knowif I want to lose it.

It'll grow back.Hey, mop top.

You look like you coulduse a little something.

You get over here,get over here.

Come on, man, yeah.Come on.

$100 for an eyebrow.

And we can wax it,or we can shave it.

It's up to you.Yeah, I'd do it.

You're down--to wax it?

Uh... yeah, sure.


Matter of fact,I'll show you the money.

All right.

(overlapping chatter)

I'm a bit nervous.I'm not gonna lie.

Have you cut hairbefore?


Are we excited to seethis reverse mohawk?

(cheering)I'm excited, too.


Oh, yeah, take it,just take it back.

Roll it off,just roll it off.

Whoo...There you go.

All right.Great.

Well... (laughing)

All right, I gottashow you something.

Ahhh.Ah, yeah!

Turn it around.Look-- look at angles.


How are you feeling?Have you ever got somethinglike this done before?

No, I'm really(bleep) nervous.

Let's do it.Oh, good, that'sthe appropriate response.

Which eyebrow do you want done?Your left one or your right one?

Which oneyou want done?My left.

Wait, are yougood at this?Yeah.

He's great at it.All right, you ready?

Uh... yeah.All right.

Oh, my God...Close your eye--keep your eye closed.






(David screaming)

Oh, wow, there'sa little blood.

There's blood?Yeah, a little bitof blood.

Here, look.Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Wow.All right,congratulations!

You got $100.



Don't tell anybodyabout this.

Don't tell anybodyabout this.

And when you write usan online review,

just, uh...well, just don't.

You look good, man.Just don't.Thank you.

(horn honking)♪♪ (nursery bells)