• Season 7, Ep 2

sneak peek: kaiser’s first haircut

Nathan’s girlfriend gives Kaiser his first haircut. #TeenMom2 airs Mondays at 10/9c!

03/22/2016 · 1

- Nathan's back from Boston, so Tori and I

are picking Kaiser up from his mom.

- I'm so mad.

- What?- Look at his bangs.

Cut my [bleep] child's hair.


- How do you know she did it?

- She's a [bleep]hair stylist, Tori.

I'm so heated right now.

- Hey.

- So you want to take itupon yourself

to have Jessicacut Kaiser's hair?

- No.

- Who cut his hair?

Like, this is insane.And you know what?

I'm changingmy number right now,

and if you want to see Kaiser,

you can take meto court for visitation.


That's his first haircut,

and I want to be there for that,

and I want to take picturesand everything.