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Eminem To Perform 'Guys And Dolls' At Movie Awards?


The MTV Movie Awards are just about to begin, but that doesn't mean host Conan O'Brien isn't ready to reveal all the big, buzzy moments we'll be talking about on Monday morning.The first thing you should know is that O'Brien has sworn that approximately 40 minutes into the show, he'll be set on fire. To that end, it's possible this might be a moment remembered as fondly as that time Eminem clashed with "Bruno" star Sacha Baron Cohen."I think my injuries will be of some interest to people," O'Brien quipped.But his teases didn't end there. It turns out the host will also experience a surprising turn of fortune involving his love life during the Awards."I think Rihanna's on-air confession of her love for me will be [of interest]," O'Brien continued.Clearly, Rhi-Rhi prefers the pasty redhead to her possible paramour Drake, but what about her "Monster" collaborator?"Eminem is doing a Broadway tune with me from 'Guys & Dolls,' no one will see that coming," O'Brien said. "We've been working on that for several months."No news on who will be playing the Nathan Detroit part, and who will be Sky Masterson, but we have our suspicions."These are all things that will go viral," O'Brien noted. "By that I mean, make people sick."Hear that folks? Watch the MTV Movie Awards, and call in sick Monday morning.

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