• Season 4, Ep 3

sneak peek: is this kiss the start of something big?

What started out as a dare may lead to something bigger in the next episode of #AYTO — Monday at 10/9c!

06/20/2016 · 1:22

- Yo, bro.- I feel for you guys.

- I'm not having a good timejust to sit here and talk.

- Like me and you talking?

- No, no.- But like other people?

- Yeah, some of the girlsI feel obligated.

It feels not natural for me.- Yeah.

- I don't see the flowin the house right now.

They're all like, "Are you my match?"

Like, it's so robotic.

Match, match, match, match,

feelings, feelings,feelings, feelings.

Yo, I don't knowwho it's going to be,

but I want to kiss somebody.

- I'm onto you, bro.- Just to fricking make it here.

- Yo.- Just walk up to somebody.

Just walk up to somebody overthere right now and kiss 'em.

- Right now?- Yeah.

- I go, I go, I go.


[upbeat music]

Oh, yeah.

[all cheering]

- Yeah.

- [exclaiming]

- You loved it.

- [laughing]

I just had somebody dothe most manipulative move

of the whole house.

I got to go.

- But it was sweet.- I know.

- Did you fall for it?Did it work?

- Yes, it worked.

- Oh, [bleep].- [bleep].

- It felt natural.That's it.