• Season 27, Ep 11

sneak peek: goodbye turkey, hello berlin

check out what's in store for our remaining teams as they make their way to Berlin.

01/27/2016 · 1:52

>> Bye, Turkey!

>> We'll see you guys in Berlin!

[upbeat music]

>> Incredible.

I never thought I'd see this.

[all exclaiming]

>> We have made it this far.

>> Welcome to Berlin, guys.

>> Welcome to Berlin.

>> Aneesa, you need to talk to

your cuz.

>> Brianna's a part of my


She is with me.

She's attached to me, and you're

only as fast as the slowest


Certain things frustrate me.

But as my cousin and as a friend

and as someone I'm getting to

know, I don't know how much I

can trust you.

If she does poorly, I do poorly.

Hopefully, she keeps up with me.

>> I'm just bending over

backwards and, I feel like,

jumping through hoops just to

try to be your friend, and it's

just backfiring.

So then I'm done.

>> We can't start losing now.

>> You win today's challenge,

you're going straight to the


>> You know, I feel like me and

Mitch have a lot that the other

teams don't have.

Our communication is always on


He knows how to push me, I know

how to push him.

I'm a little nervous for the

endurance part of it.

>> All right, just slow and

steady till we get down there.

[exciting music]

I really do think me and

Brianna have a shot at winning.

What scares me about being with

Brianna is she's been wanting to

go home since day one.

I don't know if she's just gonna

give up because she wants to go


I really need her as a partner.

>> I'm pretty sure nobody in

this house wants...me or Jamie


You're threatened by us.

You should be...but I don't want

to talk to you right now.

Nobody else matters except for

myself and my partner.

Just let me do my thing.

I don't wanna talk to you.

>> But you're fake!

>> I'm not [bleep] fake!

>> Cara--

>> When you were [bleep] trying

to [bleep] put your [bleep]


>> Shut up, Aneesa!

Back the [bleep] off!