• Season 2, Ep 5 · Highlight

Side Chick Problems

The Jokesters share a little wisdom on side chicks.

01/13/2016 · 1:13

(DeRay)Hashtag, side chick problems.

When you have the futuremother of your child

saved in your phoneas "brown skin, fat ass."

(ding)This one's gonna be weird,just bear with us.

Hey, no, it's gonna be great.

Ignore what he said, this isgonna be the funniest joke I--No!

You've ever seen.Set it up more.

All right...

Hey, baby, what's behindthis door over here?

Not my side door!No, my side chicks!

(buzzer buzzing)Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep...


Don't come to me with yourside chick problems.

My girlfriend'sa conjoined twin.

That's a legitside chick problem.


Hey, now that yourwife's out of town,

let's have sexin this room.

No, my side chicks!

(ding)It's cleanerwithout the setup.

It's a little betterwithout the setup.Shut up!

You did well,did well.

What are we looking for?

Now, go in there,get two tickets

for the new movie,sit down and do this twice

and I'll find you.

(DeRay)"Joking Off,"brand new episode.

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