• Season 1, Ep 2

sneak peek: unhealthy eating habits?

Luna and Alex talk about the changes they've seen in Josh's behavior.

02/29/2016 ยท 1:19

- Let's chat.- All right. What's up?

- We're wonderingif you've noticed

anything changingin Josh's behavior recently

or if you've noticed, like,anything at all, really.

- Um...

He's more, like--

I want to say more privateabout his life now.

He doesn't really, like,kind of just tell me everything.

- Oh.

- Yeah.Not as much as before.

- Does he strike youas, like,

maybe kind of depressedor anything?

- I don't know.

- Yeah, what do youthink is going on?

- I mean, kind of, like,

when we hang out,it's weird.

Like, he doesn't eatas much as he used to.

- Oh.

- Like, at all, so...

- Has he lost weight?

- Oh, yeah.A lot of weight.

- He's lost weight?- Yeah.

In high school,he was, like--

not to sound mean,but he was really big,

and he slimmed down a little bit

towards senior year,

and then college,

he's just gradually slimmed more and more.

It was just, like, drastic.

- That's really dangerous.

- Yeah.- Have you noticed

that his eating patternshave changed also or...?

- I mean,I've picked up on it.

I'm like,"Why will he never, you know,

just even takesomething off my plate?"

- Not even, like, a bite?

- He won't even takea French fry off my plate.

That's--- Okay, that's--

- Anybody who doesn't takea French fry--

something's going on.- I know.

I'm like, "It's all yours."

He won't do it.