• Season 2, Ep 11

Five Second Rule

Will these people pass up a slice of delicious pizza, even if it’s been on the ground?

01/07/2016 · 1:46


Everybody knowsthe five second rule.

Drop some foodon the ground,

you pick it up inunder five seconds,

it's still good to eat.It's science!

And we're gonna pay peopleto test it out.

(seagull caws)

Hey, man.We'll give you $20

for a slice of pizza.


Hey, you wantfree pizza?

Sure.Free slice,get over here.

Come on, we'll give you $20for a free slice of pizza.

(Derek)Eat a slice of pizza,we'll give you $20.

Nice and free.All right.

There you go, you gotfive seconds to eat it.

Five second rule.Five second rule.

Five... four...

three... two... one.No way.

(groaning)You would'vegotten 20 bucks.

You would've won 20 bucksif you picked it up.

You guys want pizza?$20-- we'll pay you $20

for a slice of pizza--pizza's good, right?Yes.

That's a good one.That's good, there you go.

Oh-- five,four,

three, two, one!

Oh, you kicked it.I'm not eating that.

Well, sir,thank you very much.

Okay.All right.

He kicked it.That-- what is that?

He did-- he kicked it.

Wait, wait, wait.What's in that pizza?

There you go.Straight pizza.That's it?

That's all it is?That is all it is,

green eyes,yeah, yeah.So...

so I won't, like,poop my pants

or anything or like...

Listen, if you'relactose intolerant,

I can't tell you whatyou're gonna do or not.

I actually am.I'm hungry, though.For $20.

You ready?Okay, I'm ready.

Oh no.Five second rule.

Five, four,three, two--


Come back, please.

Right on.(cheering)

It's better on the floor.

Dirt don't hurt.Wow!

Dirt don't hurt.

You guys want $20?

Five seconds.

Five, four,three, two...