• Season 5, Ep 14

sneak peek: leah calls gary and kristina her parents

Leah’s play date turns bothersome for Amber in the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

01/11/2016 · 1:12

- All right, there you go.

- Get your bolognasandwich, buddy?

They're very fond of chips.

Especially this one.

Get out the way.Excuse me.

[Landyn groans]

- Spider-Man.

- The kids love it.

- Guess what--guess what?- Your parents?

- Yeah, guess whatthe guy did.

- What?

- He had a knife,

and he was gonnacut her neck off.

- Who's your parents?- Gary.

- And who?- Stepmom.

- Me and your Daddyare your parents.

- I think I would die ifthey called her their parent.

- You want to go outside?

Don't let the dogs in.

- I want to go outside.

- Okay, don't let the dogs in.

- Don't stepin dog poop.

- Okay.[children chattering]

- Like, it's fineto have a--a good

co-parenting relationship,but I think I'd be bothered

if the boys came homeand they're like,

"My parents," you know?

- Yeah, but I thinkshe does the same thing

when she goes home about us,

but either way,it bothered me, though,

because I tryto tell her

it's me and your Dadare your parents.

They're just here'cause we love them.