• Season 7, Ep 11

sneak peek: miranda fires back at leah

Miranda gets a word in after Leah talks to Corey about Miranda’s treatment of Ali. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 10/9c!

05/23/2016 · 1:35

- The baby's got to eat.

- He's such a pig.

- Let him eat.

He's so perfect.Let him stay with me.

- No.

- I let you babysit my kids.

- I know.

- Anyhow, when I dropped Gracieoff yesterday,

I thought that wasmy opportunity

to talk to Corey

about the video

that was sent to meand my concerns with the video.

So he became concerned.

Even though I may not agreewith a lot of things Corey does,

we can talkabout these concerns,

and maybewhatever she's feeling, like,

maybe we can work through it.

[phone chimes]

Jeez, my phone keeps blowing up.


It's Miranda.


What's she talking about?

It says, "Hey.

"Corey was talking to me

"about y'alls discussionabout the girls.

"I rarely have her carryher own backpack,

"and if I do it'sbecause I have to carry Remi in

and other stuff."

And she said,"I do care for them

"and try to give them the bestlife when they are here.

"But it really bothers me

"that you are claimingyou have some sort

"of sneaky video of me

because I haveabsolutely nothing to hide."