• Season 4, Ep 4

sneak peek: is gio flirting with fire?

Kaylen might wanna watch out for Julia in the next episode of #AYTO — airing Monday July 11th at 10/9c!

06/27/2016 · 1:05

- I need a tan, man.

I feel like the pasty prince.

- You are the pasty prince.

- You pasty too!

- I'm not pasty!

A girl when I got off theairplane said,

"Do you live here?"and I was like, "No,"

and she was like, "You couldpass for a Hawaiian."

She was probably, like, tryingto get in my pants. I know.

- Yeah, she's tryingto scissor you.

She's like...later on.

- Stop![laughing]

I don't know.I feel like being lesbian's,

like, a lot of foreplay.

- You can't compete with--

- Yeah. Say it.You can't compete with what?

- You can't competewith the hammer.

- The hammer?

- When I pull that [bleep]and lay it on the table,

just doosh!

- Oh. Is that it?[laughing]



- I think Julia's sexy. Sweet and spicy.

Gonna eat it like groceries.That's it.

That's it.

- I'm ready for our challenge.

What do you thinkit's gonna be?

- It don't matter.I'm gonna win.

- Oh, really?

- Nobody's [bleep].- Carrying around all that

extra weight from your hammer,

you're gonna win?


♪ ♪