• Season 6, Ep 6

sneak peek: amber feels uncomfortable in her new home

Amber and Matt start moving into their new home, but Amber doesn’t feel too great about the neighborhood. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c!

09/12/2016 · 2:05

- Stay there.

- Okay. Ah.

I'm surrounded.

- Hey, Wayne, you letthe dogs out.

Where they going?- [laughing]

[relaxed electronic music]


- This is fun.

- ♪ All alone, you're on my mind ♪

♪ You got to get better

- All right.- Thank you.

- Job well done.

It's bigger. This is awesome.

- Yes, sir.- What's up there?

- The bedrooms.This is Booboo's room,

'cause it's got a windowjust like the other one, but--

- This is close.But she has a good room.

- This one has thewalk-in closet.

That's why I wanted herto have this one.

- And--and, it's a great view.

- Mm-hmm.And she can run around

and, like, meet friendsand do stuff.

- Come on, man. This is--thisis that type of neighborhood.

- Yeah.This is the master one.

- Oh, this is the master?- That's why it's got that.

- And you got the bathroomright through.

- Yeah.- This is--

- This is myfavorite part, though.

- I wouldn't evencome out of here.

- A jet tub.- Oh, I dig it.

This is great.

- What do you think?- I love it.

- See the backyard?- No, we did not.

- Not yet.That's where we're going.

- We still--we all still on tour.

- Well, there has to be a light.

There's reallyno light out here?

- There has to be light.- We got to put one in.

- This is--this is differentthan sitting in a cell,

and if any of my friendsback in the day

seen this today,they wouldn't even believe it.

Just so weird how life

can changein such a short amount of time.

- Only if you want it to.- Only if--I was about to say.

I was--I was about to say.- [laughing] You know--

You know I know the words.

- Did you hear me?Did you hear me going for it?

- Only if you want it to, baby.

- All right.Let's move--let's move along.

Yeah, I feel kind of weird beingin this neighborhood, though.

- Why? What's--- Because it's just I'm not

the same as these people,

especially when you're livingacross the street

from a prosecutor, like--

- Well, that isa little intimidating.

- Well, we'll keep himin business.

- Just makes me feel weird.

- [laughing]

- We've earned this, baby.