• Season 2, Ep 12

sneak peek: cousin vs. cousin

Kieran and Eli confront eachother.

08/09/2016 ยท 1:01


EMMA: I'm so sorry.KIERAN: You don't haveto apologize.


AUDREY: Right now, come on!EMMA: We need to helpeach other, right?

KIERAN: Right.

What the hell, Eli?Don't "what the hell" me.What did you say to the cops?

I just came from the station.They questioned me for,like, three hours.

Yeah, I told them the truth.I think you're obsessedwith Emma.

And I think they shouldcheck you out.That's funny.

Also, found out you were

in town last year,in October.

Why didn't you tell me?I figured you were busy.

Just heard Lakewoodwas nice in the fall.Thought I'd pay a visit.

Hey, just stay awayfrom Emma.

Look, I'm not scaredof you, okay?

And I'm gonna dowhatever I want.Try and stop me.