• Season 32, Ep 8

sneak peek: The Mike Show

Mike is getting contracts signed for his new show idea, but ends up getting really offensive when he casually drops the "N" word.

11/28/2016 ยท 0:57

I would like you to bea guest appearance if--

- I don't want youto clown on me.

- No, no, no, no.We're clowning on the previous,

like, whack-ass talk show.

You're gonna bethe third guest appearance.

I do have a contract releaseI need that you guys to sign.

I need you to signthis really quick.

Wolf pack, bro.Wolf pack.

I'm really not taking it seriously.

I think it's a joke,but I think it's also

funny as hell that

everyone's so on boardto sign these contracts.

[all talking at once]No, no, no.

If you sign this, you're--for real, yo,

you're [bleep] wolf pack, dude.Are you serious?

- Wolf pack my...

- Mike using the N word

definitely is a soft spot for me

just for the factthat I feel like

people are forgetting that the N word

is not just slang.

Like, it's a derogatory word.

- Orlana, don't leave.Orlana.

- I'm leaving with my contracts.