• Season 5, Ep 16

sneak peek: bentley’s big birthday

The fam goes bowling to celebrate Bentley’s birthday and Ryan wins bonus points for his gift. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

01/25/2016 · 1:42

[upbeat music]

- Today's Bentley's birthday,

and I'm glad Ryan showed up.

There's Daddy.

- Well, happy birthday, buddy.

What's up, little girl?

What are you doing, little girl?- There's Daddy.

- Here you go.- Are you gonna hold her?

Yeah, I held her last time.She was pretty cool.

- Yeah, you were pretty coollast time.

Did you say happy birthdayto your brother?

He is seven years old.- She tried.

- Can you believe that?

You got a lotof catching up to do.

[laughter]- Oh, my God.

- Hey, what are you doing now?

That one's fo--that one's last.

I'm just messing with you.Go ahead.

- Yes!

(gasps)The MiPosauraus!

- Oh, I just used the box, man.

That ain't what's in there.- Oh.

- Something else is in there.That ain't a real--

- What is it?- It's a robot.

He's been wantingone of these forever.

- Okay.

- Can I go over their house,please?

- Tonight?

Um, if they willtake you to school, yes,

but only becauseit's your birthday.

- Yeah.- You sure?

- Mm-hmm.- What?

- You sure?- Yeah.

- Okay.- Birthday cake.


- Come on.- All right.

all: Bentley!- Hey, come on, get 'em.

Come on.- That wasn't very nice.

- You spit all overthe top of it.

It's got a wet, moist layer.