• Season 5, Ep 15

sneak peek: the fight for sophia

Farrah and her mom have a disagreement over watching Sophia on the next episode of #TeenMomOG—Monday at 10/9c.

01/18/2016 · 1:53

You want to say bye to Grandma?

Grandma might come see usin a--like, before I leave, so.

- Why are we going?

Why do I haveto go through this?

- Okay, you know what?Because you keep crying.

You keep creating a scene,

and I am not gonnado this right now.

- I am not.I am not.

- If you want to talk,then [bleep] learn how to talk.

- I'm trying.

- Mom,it's not about you.

It's more about my daughter.

If I cannot have someonenot explode all the time

and get along and take careof my daughter properly--

here, Soph--then--

here, do you want the phone?

Then that is the issue.

I am above this bull[bleep],so I am leaving.

I have had enough.- I just asked you--

- I love you.

I hear you, but you're not gonnabe watching Sophia full-time.

And what are you[bleep] pissed about?

- I'm not pissed at all.

I'm hurt, Farrah.

- Yeah, it's likeI'm watching a grown-up

throw a tantrum right now.

- Oh, really? Really?- That's what it looks like.

- I have no feelings?I haven't got a right?

- No, you can feel feelings,

but I don't need somebodythrowing a tantrum--

- I'm not.

- Acting likemy dad's [bleep] up.

Well, my dadhas been there for me

when I've been [bleep] gone

and I've been worriedabout my daughter,

and at least I may not get alongwith him all the time,

but he's [bleep] there.

- Well, I'm here too.

I'm telling you--

- So I am gonna leave

because I don't like findingmyself in this position--

- You told me--you told methat you know--

- In front of my daughter,and my daughter

is not okay with it right now,so I am leaving.


- Coming.

- Sophia?- Nope.

- I want to kiss good-bye.- No.

- No, she probablydoesn't want to right now.

- Why?- I don't know why.

Ask yourself why.

[dreamy delicate music]