• Season 2, Ep 5

sneak peek: eat the donut

T-Rell made special gold sauce and needs a taste-tester to try it out.

08/29/2016 · 1

This is real gold


$5,000 worth of gold flakes.

Say I'm the man.

Say it right now.

>> So this is actually edible?

>> Yes.

>> Where...

How do you know?

>> T-RELL: Don't worry about it.

I had a couple scientists

somewhere in the hood make it

for me.

>> Some scientists in the hood?

>> T-RELL: You don't know all

the scientists anyway.

Look at this donut.

>> That looks like it could kill


>> T-RELL: You should eat it.

>> How much of that can you

actually consume, though?

>> You're asking too many white

people questions.

Eat the donut!

>> So you've eaten, like, a lot

of this, then?

>> Eat the donut, man.

>> It smells really bad.

>> T-RELL: Go, come on!

>> I just don't trust that this

is actually, like, edible.

Like, this, this, this-- I just

don't trust--

>> Just eat the [bleep] donut!

>> Okay, okay.

>> [laughs]

>> Oh god.


>> Come on!

>> That's so-- oh my god.