• Season 2, Ep 2

sneak peek: face your fear

Ant has some apprehension about getting into a helicopter with Tyga.

08/08/2016 · 1:07

>> So I'm getting the feeling

that you're timid about the

actual flying of the helicopter.

>> ANT: You're getting the right

feeling, yeah.

>> LARRY: So the best thing to

do is hop in and we can get you

through that fear.

>> TYGA: Well, I'm ready to go.

You're my manager, dude.

You have to be everywhere with


That's the part of being a


>> ANT: Well, I'm trying to

convince you to not get this

damn thing.

>> TYGA: You have to help manage

my life.

You're scared to get in the


>> I might be a little.

>> TYGA: You're a grown-ass man.

You're not gonna get in this


>> This is not natural.

I'm not try to fly in the sky,


>> Put the baby in the back.

You need a carseat?

>> [laughter]

>> Man, I don't know how you

pulled me into this [bleep].

>> I need you to do it, man.

>> [sighs]

>> You gotta face your fear.

>> ANT: Oh, man.

[bleep], man.

>> ♪

>> LARRY: Here we go.

He told me to do some

maneuvering, like, once you get


>> LARRY: How are you doing back


>> ALL: Oh!