• Season 4, Ep 2

sneak peek: a cringe-worthy date for the ages

Help! John is falling (in love) and he can’t get up! The next episode of #AYTO airs Monday at 10/9c.

06/14/2016 · 1:19

- I was, like, shocked when Ifound out where you were from.

- Yeah.

- Like, it's almost toocoincidental for me to not

take that as a sign.

I opened up a fortune cookielast night said,

"Follow the adviceof your heart."

Like--and I got chills.

I was like, "This is too--

this is too ridiculousright now."

- I'm trying to be optimistic.

You know, when you've seenlove fail so many times,

it's hard to believe in it,you know what I mean?

- No, I understand.

But the way you make me feel--

like, when I talk to you

and I see that beautifulsmile come out,

I feel like my heart's aboutto explode out of my chest.

It's like no girl makes menervous except for you.

- There he goes.

It makes me cringe, but I don'twant to upset him.

So in the Truth Booth, I'm hoping that we're not a match,

and I know that's probablynot the best mindset,

but right now, it's the onlymindset I can have.

- My heart is so set onyou already that it sucks.

- I know.

- Obviously I'm fallingfor you, Julia.

And I don't think I'mgonna be able to stop it.

I've got butterflies.


[upbeat music]