• Season 7, Ep 7

sneak peek: an uncomfortable custody convo

Leah and Corey are obligated to talk about their custody arrangement when they bring Ali to the doctor. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 109c.

04/19/2016 · 2:43

- Corey's meeting us in Columbus for Ali's appointment,

and taking her home with him afterwards.

He was supposed to get papers about the reconsideration

this morning, too, but I really don't want

to talk to him about it.

I have Aliannah.

- Mommy.- What, huh?

- Ali.

[Leah chuckles]

- All right,this way, Ali.

- Her feet's cold.

Are you cold?


- Hello.- Hi.

- Good morning, how are you?

All right, so

does she fall like once a month

or once a weekor only occasionally?

- Zero to three times a day.

- Oh, I see.

- More so when she gets tiredin the evening.

- Can she catch herselfwhen she, uh, fall?

- No, she just drops.

- Ali, can you come up here?

I'll take a look at you.

Just sit over here.

She is not rigid or tight.

So--which is good.- That's awesome.

- Okay, be careful, all right.

- That's, like, crazy awesome.- Okay.

Let's just continue to makesure she does not fall much

and protect her head andthen use the wheelchair.

- We should be getting itnext week.

- Okay, okay.- Yes, thank you.

- Take care.

Ali, thank you very much.

- I'm relieved Ali's condition hasn't gotten worse

but before we leave, the hospital wants to discuss

any changes to our home schedule.

- Mom, you're makingmedical decisions

but you communicateall that with dad.

Is that still the same?

- We both need to be informed.- Yeah.

- We both need to makedecisions no matter what.

- Yeah, yeah.- That's still the same.

- Well, that yeah,now it's 50/50

to where it used to be all you.- Right, something like that.

- Okay, I know it'suncomfortable.

I'm sorry.

Have you guys had any changes

in custody paperwork?

- They're with himMonday through Friday

and then me Fridaythrough Monday.

- Okay, dad Mondaythrough Friday.

- And then we go to greatold court again January.

- Oh, and what were yousaying about court?

- We go again January 27that 1:30.

- I thought it was February.

- No, it's January now.

- Um, and what is thatcourt hearing for?

- Same stuff--custody stuff.

- Okay.

You guys able tomanage so far?

- [chuckles]