• Season 6, Ep 15

sneak peek: Farrah meets Debra's boyfriend

Debra's boyfriend David is not shy about pointing out where the negativity in Debra's life comes from. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

11/22/2016 · 1:48

- I'm trying to make more of an effort with my mom

so we're meeting up with her boyfriend

while he's in town.

- There's my baby.- Hello.

- Good to meet you.Farrah. Hi.

- Farrah, how are you?

- You're like, "I want a hug,not a handshake."

- I'm Simon.Very nice to meet you.

- Me too.- Hi.

- I love you.- Good to see you.

- I love that we could allget together and meet.

So we're about to goto the opera.

- Okay, cool.- Six-hour affair.

- Make sure to bringsome coffee and wine.

- There you go.[laughter]

- So how did you guys meet?

- On the Internet.- Okay.

- I got to definitelysay, though, like,

I think you bring outthe best in Debra,

'cause she's, like, niceand calm and, like, less tense.

- No, I don't bringthe best out in her.

She's always the best.

- Oh, there you go.Oh, there you go. Touché.

- She's under stress.- Thank you.

- She's under a lot of things.

She's been througha bunch of [bleep],

and then she getsall this stuff thrown at her.

I've watched "Teen Mom."

And so what I see is, like--

it hurts, actually, me,because I know her,

and, like, uh, uh,

why are they doing that to her?You know, beating her up.

- What do you mean?Regards to beating who up

or what upor down up or where--what?

- Just sayingnegative things.

- You know what? I'm notin control of negativity.

- No, no, no, you are,

because you're the onethat says it.

- So if I am the issue,then I would just...

- Just pause.Just pause for a moment.

- Not take thingsout of context.

- Think about it,because she loves you.

- And I love my mom.- And she--I know you do.

- You do.- She's trying to help you.

That's all.

- God bless us all.- Farrah, I mean,

I'm just being honest.

- Yeah, I'm all abouthonesty.

- Do you want meto tell you, honestly?

- Sure.- I'll tell you.

I'll be honest, okay.

- Okay, go for it.