• Season 31, Ep 10

sneak peek: mtv puke of the year

Jenna and Dylan have too much to drink.

05/16/2016 ยท 1:11

- [bleep]


- I hate mixed drinks.

- Okay, what the[bleep]?

- Holy [bleep] balls.

I just threw up all overthe stairs, all over this.

- I've never seen that much puke in my whole life.


MTV puke of the year.


Then in the bathroom next to us,

Jenna is, like,losing her [bleep] too.

You okay?

- This is the vomit carnival.

- For [bleep]'s sakes, Jenna.- [laughs]

- What color is it?

- It's not over here.

- Jenna smells like vomit.

Dylan smells like vomit.

But that does not stop them

from becoming America'smost disgusting couple.