• Season 28, Ep 6

sneak peek: birthday cake or birthday suit?

The Challengers play a game of would you rather.

06/01/2016 ยท 1:09

- Race upthe paved path naked?

- Hold on.- I'll go naked.

- Be in your birthday suit?- I'll go naked.

Do you want to go naked?I'm fine with that.

- [bleep] it.- Let's do it.

I'm not eatingbirthday cake.

- We've done a lot weird[bleep] on challenges.

This is the first time we have been required to strip down

and finish a challenge naked.

- Come on.Oh, my God.

This is the most embarrassing[bleep] I've ever done.

- Go! - I have never, ever, ever,

ever been naked in public.

Gosh, I hope I trimmed in the right places today.

Just don't put mein slow motion, please.

[dramatic music]

- Bananas and Sarah look horrible.

They look worse thanthey've ever looked ever.

This is an ugly, peeling, rotting banana.

Ugh, ugh.

- Eat a birthday cakeor be in your birthday suit?

- Well, I guesswe're getting naked.

I know that we areclose to winning,

and if we put a little pepin our step, we could win.

- Eating a full birthday cake.[bleep] no.

Let's go naked.[bleep] it.

- This is bull[bleep].- You want to eat that?

- ...up the path naked.- Yeah, I'm going naked.

I have to worryabout my dad bod

compared to Nelson's rock-hardbody right next to me.

That's what I'm worried about.

- Tom, let the dad bod hang.

- Keep your eyes away.