• Season 7, Ep 9

sneak peek: chelsea gets emotional at the doctor

Aubree needs to get glasses in the next episode of #TeenMom2 — airing Monday, May 16th at 10/9c!

05/05/2016 · 1:28

You're not allowedto run around an office

kicking and screaminglike that.

Next timeyou're afraid

of something like that,they have to do it,

otherwise they can't lookin your eye.

- You don't have to,

but I'm just saying,if you're somewhere

and you're afraid,it's okay to be afraid,

but you just haveto cal--be calm,

and you can't run aroundand kick me

and scream like that, okay?

There's other people here.

- Yeah.- Seriously. Oh, my God.

- Can I look in there?I won't touch it.

I'm just gonna lookat your eyeball.

- Why don't you give ita little longer?

- Aubree, what do you say?

- It's okay.I understand.

Do you want to go lookthrough the treasure chest

while I talk to Mom real quick?- Yeah.

- Chelsey, can you show herwhere the treasure chest is?

- Yep.- Awesome.

All right.

So she does needa pair of glasses.

- Oh, my gosh.

- So the right eyeis actually really good.

It's seeing really well.

The left eye is just notseeing quite as good.

It's only seeing about 20/40.

- Okay.- It has just a little bit

of farsightedness, or hyperopia.- Mm-hmm.

- So we're gonna put herin a pair of glasses.

I want her to wear the glassesall the time, okay?

So, you know, when she--

- This is, like, emotional.

Why is this emotional?- I know.

I understand.I totally understand.

- Oh, my gosh.- But, honestly,

we want that left eyeto start doing

its fair shareof the work

so that the eyes startworking together better.

So we want to leave 'emon all the time,

and let's recheck her againin about three months

and just kind of seehow she's doing

with the new glasses, okay?

- Okay, perfect.- Let's head out front

and we will have Chelsey

help you findsome glasses for her.

- All right.Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Okay, so you need glasses,and guess what.

You have to wear themall the time.

- Every day?- All day.

- Yeah!- Yeah! See,

she's excited for them.

- I am not--

I don't know.

You have to wear 'em 'cause

we gotta fix your eyeballs--the balls of your eyes.


- I think she should geta pink pair though.

- Yes.Aubree, put these on right now.

These are amazing.

- These might actuallyfit her great.

- Oh, my God.Look how good.

Here,there's a bigger mirror.

Look how cool you look.Do you like--

- Oh, my gosh.You're adorable, Aubree.