• Season 6, Ep 13

sneak peek: Matt admits he lied about his sobriety

Matt comes clean about the day he gave up drugs to be with Amber. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

11/09/2016 · 1:46

- Matt, are thereany other misconceptions

about your sobriety?

- I did absolutely exaggeratethe length of my sobriety--

even with herwhen I first met--

when I first met her.

I had tried to get sober.

I had relapsed a few times.

- When we got together,

he wasn't soberwhen I met him.

- I wasn't, no.- And I knew it.

And I can say thathe would not have been sober

if it wasn't for me.- Mm-mm.

- 'Cause I tookthose [bleep] pills,

poured 'em down the toiletand threw it at him.

- Yep.

- Was that hard for you to watchthe pills going down the toilet?

both: Oh, yeah.- It was hard for him.

For sure.- Oh, yeah, if...

I wanted to go swimmingafter them.

There's no question, but

that was the daymy sobriety really,

really kicked in.

It was either her or drugs.

And I wasn't giving up her.

- I said,"You will not be with me"...

- Yep.

- "If you're doing this[bleep]."

He made the decision.- Testament to your sobriety?

- Yeah.- And your commitment to it?

- I can't be with somebodythat's using.

- Mm-hmm.Is it weird for you still

with how strongthe tabloid fixation is

and that it--it's not relenting?Like, especially

the last we talked--the last few weeks,

it's gotten worse than ever.

- I think all thenegative stuff that people

have been writing about him,it reflects on me as well.

And it's hard,it's really hard on me

because I've worked so hard to

get my life backand my image back.

- Think you're goingto marry Matt eventually?

- Yeah.

I love Matt because I knewhis potential when I met him.

He was such a good person.He was so sweet.

It was genuine.

I can usually tell whensomebody's bull[bleep]ing me.

I've never met a person who

I wanted to hang out withall the time.

I've never met a person thatI really cared about that much.

He's done so much in his lifethat people

won't let him move forward.

And I'll let him move forward,you know?

So I think we connectbecause of that.