• Season 7

Being Barbara: Shopping Spree

Say ‘yes’ to the dress! Barbara rummages through racks to find the perfect dress for the reunion. Don’t miss the “Being Barbara Special" on Monday, July 11th at 9/8c!

07/07/2016 · 1:43

Look at thatcute little thing.

- That's cute.Look at this.

Would you wear that?

[rock music]

- Wear that.

You want to try them on?

- Yeah,I'll go try 'em on.

- Okay.

- Insane.

Oh, God, no.

This is, like,from the 19-something.

Look--look at the sleeves.

- That's cute.

- No, look it.

- I like it.It's cute.

- Oh, my God, I feel likeI'm back in the--

oh, my God, Ashleigh,that's gross!

- It's cute.

- Oh, this one I like.

It's a spandex,spandex.

I love spandex.It's like wearing a girdle, man.

This is kind of cute.

- Your pants arefalling down.

- [laughs]Look. What do you think?

- I like that.Turn around.

Pull it down.Your underwear's showing.

- Oh, it has a split.- [laughs]

- Oh, my God, don't--[laughs]

don't filmmy little granny underwear.

- [laughs]- Oh.

Oh!Oh, my God.

I might get thisfor the reunion.

How cute is this?

- Turn around,let me see.

That's pretty.I like it.

- This could bemy reunion dress.

- That's pretty.

- My color,it's my color.

I love to always havea outfit for the reunion.

Then I come out, Drew goes--[gasps]

"Barbara,I love your dress."


I don't know, maybe he hasa secret crush on me.

Oh, my God,I love this dress.

I'm happy.