• Season 2, Ep 5

sneak peek: times of intense peril

Audrey is suspicious of Gustavo, but Noah is more concerned with Audrey's strange behavior.

06/21/2016 ยท 1:40

Audrey!Dude, you scaredthe crap out of me!

I'm sorry.

You okay? I was out thereand you were in here

and it just--it felt weird.What do you mean?

We're always togetherin times of intense peril,

and, I don't know,I-I was worried about you.

Oh. Thanks. Anyway,I've been watching Stavo.Stavo? I'm telling you--

And I'm telling youthis guy could beseriously messed up, Noah.

We barely know the kid.I'm sorry he doesn't fityour accomplice profile,

but he's got the sametwisted sense of humor

as the freakthat's been calling me.

You've been getting calls?

I'm talking about the texts,the ones I showed you, the onesI got when Emma got back.

You said "calls."Plus, didn't you thinkthey were just pranks?

I meant texts, Noah,and I don't know what they are.

Whatever! Stavo basicallyhas "crazy psychopath"tattooed on his forehead,

and I'm supposedto just ignore it?

I can't. No, not underthese circumstances.

People are dying.People? It's just one so far.

You're-- You're my favoriteperson in the world,but you're acting weird.

We're all freaking outabout Jake right now,I get it,

but, trust me, you reallyneed to take a breath.

Piper was right underour noses and nobody saw it.Neither of us.

So, what? You're just gonnago over there and accuse himof being a psycho killer?

He's been sketching us,Noah. All of us!

Today, I saw himdrawing Kieran and Eliin a pool of blood.

Today, he was doing that!Wow. Of all days.

Yeah, I know!It's-- (SIGHS)

I'm just gonna ask him whatthat's all about. That's it.

It's not weird.It'd be weird if we didn't.

You, Stavo!What are you drawing?