• Season 7, Ep 4

sneak peek: jenelle’s sleepless sleepover

When Barbara picks up Jace from Jenelle’s, it’s evident they both had a long night. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Sunday at 6:30pm before the MTV Movie Awards.

04/04/2016 · 1:59

- Hey.- Hi.

- Hi.

- What happened to your chin?

- Nothing, I just fell.

I came home and I fellcoming out of the taxi.

- God.So, you know,

how was Chasethis weekend, was he good?

[baby cries]

- Oh, my God, dude, I'm notgonna be able to do this.

I had, like,four hours of sleep.

I'm not gonna be ableto do this.

- Why did you havefour hours of sleep?

- Because everyone hadcaffeine all night

and didn't go to sleeptill like 2:00 in the morning.

- Ooh.- We had a little sleepover

with Jace, David's daughter,David's sister's son.

His sister came,me and him went to dinner,

we came back home,they were still awake.

They ordered--I orderedpizza for them,

and then I had Coke inthe refrigerator that was mine,

and Jace was drinking it.

- When Jace comes,you've got to hide the Coke.

- Hey, come here.- Give her a kiss. Bye.

- Good night.- Good night.

- Okay, let's buckle.- No.

- I'll buckle.- No, you won't!

- Stop--come on, Jace.

Every time you come here,you're so mean to me.

Stop it!What are you ripping that--

I needed that paper!Thanks very much!

It was for my doctor!Thank you!


- I'm tired! - I know you're tired!

- I'm tired!- Well, go to sleep.

You know, well,I'm gonna go eat.

- I don't want to eat.- Well, I'm eating.

I haven't eaten all day,I'm sorry.

That's how it is.

- Shut up!- [gasps]

Please!Don't start hitting my car!

What's wrong with you?

Every time you come fromMommy's house, you're mean!