• Season 5, Ep 14

sneak peek: butch seeks refuge in the RV

Butch moves out when his ex-wife moves in during the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

01/11/2016 · 1:50

- Catelynn?


We love you.

It was a nice room.

Now my ex-wife gets to come inwith her new husband.

- Where you going?

- I'm running away.- Are you? Not to--

- Running away and I'mnever coming back.

- What are you doing, Dad?- I don't know.

- What, are you tryingto pop this bed up?

- Yeah.- For what?

- I can sleep in it.

- There's a full-sizeroom with a bed in it.

- Yeah, I like it in here.

- Do you feel awkward?

- Well, yeah, I kind offeel a little awkward.

We all grieve inour own ways.

- I got to do thatfrom the inside.

Hang on.


- Where you at?

- It's awkward, man, come on.

- Come on.- I spent four years in prison.

I come out, she's marriedto someone else.

I mean, at least he ain'tno [bleep] [bleep].

You know what I mean?- Yeah.

- I think I should justease into there.

Not just jump right there,"Hey, what's up, man?"

- Oh, right, and beingthere at every single--

- Yeah, every moment.- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I don't want to be--- I get it.

I think you're beingsmart about it.

Which is pretty oppositeof what you usually do.

- Hey, what you doingwith my grandbaby?

- Say, "Hi, papa."

- Oh, my God, look at her.

- Grandma wants to gohave a cigarette

so Papa can have the,

um, celery and ranch.

- Aww, celery and ranch.

- Look at her laughing.Ha-ha.

- Thank you!

- Look at her face.

Look at that.

What you got?

- It's a veryemotional day.

Hopefully, Catelynn'sanxiety passes.

[baby cooing, Butch laughing]

I think she's nervous about

Carly meeting Novaand stuff, but, you know?

- Oh, really? I'm sureshe got some thoughts that--

they wish it was for real,you know what I mean?

Like, it was--

- I think she's very happy,

but it's also very emotional.