• Season 5, Ep 13

Sneak Peek: Homecoming

Jenna is visiting home from college, but didn't recieve the warm welcome she expected.

03/08/2016 ยท 0:51

- My first year of college had been fantastic.

Even better than expected.

I was becoming the person I was always meant to be,

and I was really liking that person.

- Oh, I just miss my little girl so much

when I don't see her.

- Well, the wait is over,I'm back!

[baby cries]

- Oh.

- Oh, it's okay.She's just not used to you.

- Uh...Lissa, what are youdoing here?

- I'm the nanny.Duh.

I didn't know Jennawas coming back today.

- Uh, not today.Last night.

Very late, which I guessis why no one waited up.

- I'm sorry, sweetie,we've just been so crazed.

- And it was so late.

- So...what?

So you forgot?