• Season 7, Ep 8

sneak peek: chelsea tours a wedding venue

See the future Mr. and Mrs. Deboer search for a wedding venue in the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 10/9c!

04/26/2016 · 1:48

We're here.

[all cheering]

- All right.

- Hi.- Hello.

- Hi.- How are you?

- Good. How are you?I'm Joann.

- Good.I'm Cole.

- Nice to meet you, Cole.- Nice to meet you.

- Hi. Chelsea.- Hi, Chelsea.

Nice to meet you.- This is so cute.

- Welcome to Black HillsReceptions & Rentals.

- Thank you.- All right, let's take a tour.

This is one of the areas

where you will be ableto get married.

So, envision yourself, Chelsea,

walking throughyour guests.

This is Swan Point,

and I'm gonna take youup to your altar,

and then you'd beon this side, okay?

- Oh.- And, Cole, you'd be there

and you'd come a little closer.

- Yeah. That's gorgeous.- It looks cool.

- Ooh, it's so pretty.Don't break it.

- And this is ourCinderella Gazebo.

That's where you and yourbridesmaids get dressed.

- Yeah. Look at this.

- Chelsea.The bridesmaid.

- I'm the kingof the castle.


- ♪ Only one

♪ You're my only one ♪

♪ Only one - Ooh.

- Ooh!

- Look at that spinningchandelier.

- Yeah.- That's cool.

- Imagine yourself dancingunder here.

- Oh, yeah.- Okay?

You want to try a number?

- Come on, honey.- Oh, jeez.

- Go on, honey. There you go.- Whoo.

- And then you do this!

- Whoo hoo.- Whoo hoo.

- Dip. Ugh.

I'm sore.

- I'll be singing.- We're getting married.

- We're getting married.