• Season 31, Ep 7

sneak peek: Ceejai vs. Jenna

Ceejai and Jenna get into a serious fight.

05/03/2016 ยท 1:17

[indistinct production chatter]

- Left $5 and didn't payfor her glass of wine.

Kailah, do you know how muchfood we consumed tonight?

- If you really wantto come at me

and talk to me about it...- Excuse me, I been waiting

to come for you.I been waiting for--

- I had two fives wrapped upand I gave him two fives.

- As a matter of fact--hold on,you know what you gave him?

Five [bleep] dollars.- I had two fives wrapped up.

I gave him $10.- Whatever, it still ain't half

of what the [bleep]was accounted for what we ate.

- Everybody gave him $10.- Everything--you a damn lie.

- Everybody gave him 15 to...both: 20.

- So not only have you [bleep]on black people,

[bleep] homosexuals,

but you a [bleep] on [bleep]that work for 2.13 an hour.

I don't [bleep] like you.I don't like to talk to you.

I barely like to look at youin your [bleep] face.

And you a inconsequential,insensitive ass,

stinking ass, non-thinking asslittle bitch.

- Okay, I'm so glad...- I don't give a [bleep].

- I will pray for you...- Don't pray for me.

- If you get sent home.Please do.

You'll get sent right onup out of here.

- But you better know that Iknow my way to South Carolina

and I will climb upa [bleep] mountain

and I will make sure...- Okay, please do.

- I will make sure--I will make sure

that you know exactlywho the [bleep] CeeJai is.

- I'll be looking forward to it,bitch.

- I will make sure of that.

Never met somebody that'sso [bleep] stupid.

You need to [bleep] sit around

and get some [bleep]singing lessons too.