• Season 5, Ep 18

sneak peek: all the fixings for a catfish

Max and Nev link up with Catherine to learn about her country boy.

09/02/2016 ยท 1:46

- I mean,she knows something's up.

The fact thathis front-facing camera

has been brokenfor two years--

- All right, well,let's get Catherine online here.

[line trilling]

- Hello.- Hi.

- Hi.- Nice to meet you.

Congratulations on finishingyour freshman year.

How did it go? - Oh, it went lovely.

You know, took, like, 36 credits in two semesters.

- Wow. - I'm in the Honors Program.

- Oh, sweet.- We just saw your email.

- Tell us about Graham.

- Okay, so it's kind of embarrassing.

I hashtagged "countryboy" on Instagram.

- You were justin that mood?

- Feeling frisky, and I came across a picture,

and I found him on Twitter,

and I messaged him, and I was like,

"You are by far the best-looking boy

I've ever seen in my life."

And then from there we just started talking.

- So you really, like,sort of creeped this guy?

- Oh, yeah. I was a total stalker.

- What did it evolve into?

- It evolved into us, like, talking, like,

all the time on the phone,

and, like, we'd stay up till, like, 3:00 a.m.

just speaking about life.

I would say he's, like, my first love.

- Whoa, really?

- Yeah, 100%.

But every time I try to video-chat with him,

like, he'll say his front camera's broken.

- Clearly something's up. - Yeah.

Yeah, I'd just be mad. Like, he could be lying to me.

But, like, you don't want to believe something

if you're in love with somebody.

- Have you guys ever talkedabout meeting up?

- That's where this kind of gets a little tricky

because I was supposed to go down there,

but I was too afraid to meet him.

- What?- Pause.

- You were gonna goto Tennessee,

and he was all for it?

- Yeah.- Wow.

- Okay. - I have, like,

some insecurities, so it's like,

I didn't want to be somewhat of a let-down to him.

- He must have beenpretty bummed and upset