• Season 3, Ep 5

sneak peek: the sharpie

This hair cut is excellent for a game of "barbershop".

08/31/2016 ยท 1

This next gameis called Barbershop.

We'll show our jokestersa really bad haircut,

and they'll tell us whatthe person must have asked for.

Laughs mean points.

Let's see that first pic.


All right, what canI do for you?

Let me get the ancienttemple up top,

but the waterfalldown the shoulders...

Yeah! Yeah!

All right. All right.

We doing this (bleep) today.

Uh, hey, do youhave a Sharpie?

Oh, yeah,I am a Sharpie.

(bell dings)

Hook me up. Hook me up.I need to borrow one.

Oh, thanks, thanks.Thanks.

Uh, what can Iget you, fam?

No, I'm sick of this.

I need someyou can help me?

I need a haircutso you help me

so I can deliver Chinesefood in the hood and in...

And the trailer park.(bell dings)

Goddamn, DeRay!(bleep)!