• Season 8, Ep 1

sneak peek: no tigers

Check out this swagged-out remix of Old Macdonald.

08/01/2016 · 0:40

all: ♪ Old MacDonaldhad a farm ♪

- Say what?- ♪ E-I-E-I

- Hold up, hold up.We got to do it the right way.

- We got to do it the right way?- Got to swag it out.

- Swag it out?All right, DJ D-Wrek,

give me the beat.

[percussive beat]

Old MacDonald, hey.

all: Old MacDonald, hey.

- It go, Old MacDonald

had a farm.


all: With some cowsand some chickens.

- Yeah, but even though

he had a farm, hey.

all: It was somethingthat was missing.

He ain't had no tigers.


No tigers.[roaring]

No tigers.