VMAs Miley and NBA Player

06/06/2016 · 0:46

- Everybody...

all: Miley Cyrusand "Her Dead Petz."

- Miley Cyrus closed outthe VMAs last year

with the Happy Hippie Foundation.

It was just so amazing to see everybody on stage

having a great time and justbeing free and being themselves.

- Miley Cyrus, she's wonderful,

and she's such an advocate for this community.

It's amazing to have somebodywith that platform

speak up and not be afraidof what other people think.

- Thank you!I'll see y'all next year!

- Please welcome Jason Collins.

- It was encouraging watching

the first openly gayNBA player, Jason Collins,

speak out on the VMA stage.

- Hating someonefor their sexual orientation

is the same as hating themfor the color of their skin.

And the only way things change

is when you stand upfor what you believe in.

- ♪ When I'm thinking'bout you ♪