• Season 1, Ep 7

sneak peek: estro-gym

Nicole and Blair hit the gym and provide support for the guys working out.

07/11/2016 · 2:09

A few more, a few more.

I like that back sweat.That looks good.

Yep, good. It's nice.

Good form.

Keep it up.Don't break now.

Now do another one.Yeah, you got it.

Wow, you're shoes arevery white.Yeah,you got it.You got it.

I like that shake.That means change is a comin'.

Yeah, that was good.Nice, that's good,

that's good, that's good.

Keep it up.That's good.

Great.Nice work.





Keep going, keep going.


Do one more!


That was nice, girl!


(Blair)Looking good, boys.

(Blair)Ahh. Okay.

It's looking good fromback here, but I'm just saying.

Yeah, you'll getmore results if you,

uh, up your speeda little bit.

Get a nicer buttgoing for you.

But I do like the viewa lot.

Like, I wouldn't mindgoing up these stairs.

I would go up the stairsto your butt too.

Maybe I'd take a doorto your (bleep).

Who knows what happenswhen you go up the stairs.

Aw, when you walk into a gym,you don't have a wife.

All right, let's go!Let's do this!


I don't wanna be caughtbeing a pussy.

All right, one!



Come on!(Nicole)Come on, Justin!

Come on!

I can't evensee your muscles

through thattight-ass shirt.

Let's go! Let's go!Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!Let's go! Let's go!

Come on!

You got one more!


(Nicole and Blair)10!

(Nicole)That was a good set, Justin.

That was good.

That was good.That was real nice.