• Season 7, Ep 2

sneak peek: adam’s professional photo shoot

Adam has a professional photo shoot and Chelsea shows it off. Don’t miss a new #TeenMom2 on Monday at 10/9c!

03/22/2016 · 0:54

- I'm so hungry.

- So how's Aubree likingkindergarten?

- She likes it.

- She's a grown up now?- Yeah.

How's everything with Adam?

- Did you see his pictureshe got professionally done?

- Off who? Him?- Of himself.


- Uh, do I want to?- I got a--

I got a treat for you.- Let's see it.

Grand reveal.

Whose hands are those?

- Probably oneof his girlfriends'.

Would you want to bang this?

- No.- Don't you--look--

I feel, like,dirty looking at it.